The Beastly tales by M. J Hagg

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Well remember how I said I love Paranormal books, this is one of them except that it isn’t the usual werewolf and Vampire I am used to. It is a beauty and the beast remodification. What I loved about the book was the creativity and difference.  Instead of the usual curse of the beast finding  someone that can love him as a beast he is, the author gave it a little twist by making it a curse that can only be broken if he gives her(the enchantress) a night of pleasure. This is where benella comes in (the poor girl without a mother but a father and two terribly annoying sisters). I think the author was tapping a bit of Cinderella here. She is constantly being troubled by the most notorious boy (Tennen)  whenever she goes frolicking around the estate(the forbidden home of the beast)  for food. That’s how these love birds meet and strike a deal that can be the undoing of each other or save them both. She is to show him that he can not always take from others, he must learn to give back.

It is truly a beautyful story, I really loved it all the way 😍😍. It wasn’t too cliché with a bit of humor, scandal 😜and suspense too.

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