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There was nothing different about this particular night, yet she laid awake in her bed watching the hands of the clock.
It was a new year for her. And, all she could think about was the number of months left till she turned 20. The Twenties indicated that she would be officially an adult, and she was expected to have her life on track.

A timer had begun somewhere deep in her head. “Not to worry,” she thought “If I become proactive and take all the right steps maybe I could figure this out”
Venturing into everything, she became a YouTuber, a Blogger, an Influencer, an Entrepreneur. With one thought in mind, If she didn’t know what exactly she wanted, she could at least try everything till she found it.

Four months had passed, and still nothing. She became more anxious. She made headway in discovering a bit more about herself, but she definitely wasn’t ready for her twenties. Would she ever be?
This scared her. She was afraid of going through her 20s and not having accomplished anything.

What could have possibly triggered all these feelings and thoughts? She certainly never had them when she turned 16, 17, and 18. Could it be that then, 20 felt so far away?
Or could it be that she had unconsciously begun to compare herself against the young persons she saw on Social Media breaking grounds? And in introspective, she didn’t see any groundbreaking happening. After all, wasn’t comparison said to be the Thief of Joy.

This lead to her pondering about her close friends, Adesua and Adunni, who had just turned twenty. She wondered if they had felt this way or was she the only one plagued by these thoughts. She couldn’t be.

What if the best she could do is embrace this upcoming age. She can find out more about herself, discover who she is better, and experience all that life will teach her.
Instead of aiming to arrive “already made” and “perfect” at the doors of her 20s. This seemed more rational, she thought.

However, she wouldn’t go in unprepared. That was unlike her.
If she wanted to do this right, she needed to work on a relationship with Christ. She needed guidance from the Holy Spirit as in this age, it’s easy to end up with a life full of regrets.

Alongside, seeking advice from her mentors who had already passed through this age.
One of her favorite YouTubers had mentioned the book “101 secrets for your Twenties” that had proven very helpful through her own journey. It’s no secret now that this book has made it to the top of her TBR (To Be Read) list.

To the person reading this, is there anything you’d like to say to her. Please share below in the comment section

These thoughts are my own but from a 3rd person’s point of view.

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Girl turning Twenty

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