Academic Stress: How to avoid having a Major breakdown

GIrl stressed out by her books and project work

Are you in high school, college or university? Do you find yourself constantly in a state of stress?

I miss the good old days when the most stressful thing was having to decide the colors to use in a coloring book or if the colors were within the lines or not.

That’s not the story anymore. We got older and now we’re facing a whole new definition to stress.

End of school exams are coming up, lectures are still ongoing. A cycle of madness starts, trying to read the past and present. Like that isn’t enough, a lecturer would say you need to be reading ahead. You’ve got to be joking!

Your emotions are all over the place. From depression to anxiety to tiredness, You’ve been through a roller coaster of emotions. 

You almost can’t decide to dwell in the emotion and seek empathy. Nah. That’s time being wasted. In this period, time is expensive. You look around and everyone is reading. You start to wonder if you’re the only person finding it hard to read or even overwhelmed. You’d start to question a lot about yourself. You might even begin to wish that there were more hours in the day, 48hrs in a day maybe.

Let’s not forget all the extracurricular activities, part-time job and social life you still need to catch up with.

Is she psychic? No, I’m not. I’ve been there or still there.

How can I cope with all the stress? all the workload? prevent a breakdown?


Did she just say sleep?! yes I did.

You have to prioritize your sleep and I know it’s hard especially when you have little or no control over your schedule. You’re basically been dragged front, right, and center but there’s nothing more important than a good sleep.

That’s why a “till daybreak” reading is a No for me. I’m not gonna lie to myself because I know I won’t understand a single thing of what I’ve been reading.

Sleep is important for memory formation (converts the short term memory to a long term memory) and that’s what you need after many hours of reading. You definitely need your brain to store what you’ve learned.

Think about it this way. You’re typing a 400 paged document and the last time you clicked “save” was on page 150. Suddenly, a circuit break happens and all that work is gone.

But what if I find it difficult to sleep? Good question

What’s your caffeine intake in school like? The last time you take caffeine in a day should be at least 6 hours before you sleep as it can affect your sleep pattern. Monitor how much caffeine you ingest, if you can, switch out your caffeine for a bottle of water instead.

But I need coffee to get through the day! Start small by reducing how much you take. Opt for a good amount of sleep, a healthy light breakfast and I can bet you’d feel energized throughout the day.

You wouldn’t know what your body can survive without until you wean yourself out of it.

Eat well

Don’t ever catch yourself saying no to food cause you want to read or you want to maximize time. You’d end up hypoglycemic (low blood glucose) and I don’t have to tell you that the brain needs fuel for the reading you want to do. This also reduces the production of certain stress hormones.

And note, I said to eat well but not junks or snacks…..proper meals; Proteins, fiber, etc. I try to take a least 3 meals daily, not too heavy or else I’d end up sleeping in class. Plus a trusty water bottle to keep me hydrated and alert.


This has been amazing for me and it can be the same for you. Maybe it’s the endorphins released from working out, I have no idea but it works well as a stress reliever. And by the time you get back to reading, I’m alert and I understand what I read better. So I don’t know about you but maybe you should try it out and see.

If that’s not enough, well I want you to know that study shows that exercise boosts the regeneration of memory cells in the hippocampus of the brain. That’s basically like upgrading your phone to have larger storage.

Take a Break

A planned break. you can read a book, do some yoga, draw, paint, literally anything that will take your mind off assignments, projects or anything academic. Don’t feel bad about taking breaks, its essential for your own wellbeing. We can deny the fact that we need a break and force the reading but if you ever notice, you’d remain stuck on a page or you might not even recall the words of the pages anymore.

For Good recommendations on what book to read during break time, I added a link of books I’ve reviewed and I definitely recommend

Girl stressed out from school

Do you have any methods to cope with the stress that you think everyone needs to know?
Comment down below and let’s hear it.

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