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How To Start Yoga for Better Living| Yoga for beginners.

Looking to expand your hobbies? or maybe you want to start something new.

Maybe your curiosity got far enough to look through Instagram yoga pages and you must have seen posts with people in all these weird shapes and you’re thinking to yourself. Nah, I’ll pass.
But wait! just before you trash the idea. Here are a few tips from me to make it less daunting.

Before we get to that, I’d like to share how Yoga has helped me and maybe, it can help you decide if it’s worth a shot. I started doing Yoga Mid 2018, my university roommate was practicing next to me. I decided to join her, just because, and I’ve never looked back.


Helps with Self-esteem

I used to hate a lot of things about myself, I could make you a list. And maybe that’s where you are at right now. And everyone around you just keeps telling you, love yourself but you just don’t know-how. That’s where Yoga comes in. In the flows and Poses, it teaches you to focus on your body, learning to be in tune with yourself. Also, all that Yoga makes your body look damn good in the mirror.

Makes it easier to develop a healthier lifestyle

Have you been struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle? You just can’t seem to stay consistent. I’m sure you’re wondering, how would yoga do that for me? Just being on your mat and practicing yoga is regular exercise, all you have to do is follow up with a healthy diet. For example, My simplistic diet is

#Minimal soda Intake

#Junk food only on some days

#Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate

#Balance out my Carb and Protein intake.

#Make my meals colorful

Nothing strenuous that leaves me dissatisfied and cranky. If you’d like an article with more explanation on my simplistic diet, leave a comment.

For more benefits, see post on 7 Practical benefits of Yoga

You just need to be interested. So, are you interested?

If you are, let’s get right to it
You’ve finally decided to start but now you’re wondering where the hell does I start from.

The first thing you need to know is that there are different types of Yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for up to two years and there are so many parts of Yoga I’m yet to discover.

The most popular yoga types are;

Vinyasa Yoga: In simple words, it’s Continuous movement in synchrony with the breath. It’s Faster and much like a cardio exercise.

Yin Yoga: This is more slow-paced allowing you to spend at least 3-5 mins in each pose. it provides deeper stretching.

Knowing your preferred yoga type is good but you don’t have to stick with one type, you can always alternate it. Like me, on some days I like to sweat it out with Vinyasa yoga and on every other day, I yin yoga.

Okay, Okay…The tips right? First things first,

Start with YouTube or an App

You know YouTube to be one of the most popular search engines and now you get to utilize it to the max if you didn’t before. There are over a dozen channels about yoga for beginners. It’s easier to start with YouTube as they work you through how to get in and out of the poses and learning to control your breathing compared to starting with Instagram. Instagram is majorly pictures and short videos, which might be a little too fast for any beginner. I’ll recommend some channels that we’re super beneficial to me when starting out. YogawithTim, Yoga with Adrienne, Boho beautiful.

Clicking on each name takes you directly to a beginner yoga video to get started.

There are so many apps out there but my all-time favorite is Down dog. At least that’s the one I’m familiar with and can recommend. Maybe because it’s easy to use and there’s a lot of options. You can pick the type of yoga you’re in the mood for, how long you want to practice for and much more.

Accessories in order

I’m not going to drop a list of a million things to buy, you aren’t ever going to need that much stuff. So here’s what you need

Yoga mat: If you decide not to get anything else, you can’t get them. You don’t want to be practicing Yoga on cold hard tiles or wood floors and risk getting abrasions. It’s pretty much the same thing as an exercise mat, just in case you already have one of those. Click here to order from Amazon

Yoga Blocks: I didn’t start out with them because I felt I could stack up against my Medical books and use them for the meantime. There’s definitely a bunch of other things you can use instead before you decide it’s worth the investment. But Yoga blocks are definitely way lighter than books and easier to move around, so that’s something you’d wanna think about.

I got my blocks really cheap on AliExpress and they’ve been serving me well. However, I included a link to get one on amazon.

Yoga outfit: Yoga pants/shorts + Sports bra + Non slip socks = BAM! you’re already a Yogi. You just want to get something comfortable, I looked for the best-reviewed outfits on amazon and included a link to them. However, if you’ve got any pair of leggings lying around and sports Bra, you can throw them on and get on the mat.

Learn the Sun Salutations

They are a sequence of yoga poses that build heat and gets your heart pumping and warms up your body for a whole lot more. Here’s a picture that summarizes it. There’s Sun Salutation A and B


Whilst practicing with the YouTube videos, you’d notice that they mention these salutations a lot. Learning the sequence allows you to practice on your own time without needing a video. But, don’t stress. you can learn it at your own pace.

Remember, Yoga is a journey, not a destination.
That’s all the tips I have for now. I hope they’ve been useful. Can’t wait for you to join the Yoga community

GIrl in YOGA pose

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