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5 Exciting Ways To Level Up Your Yoga Practice

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I’m not good with routines especially when it comes to Yoga. I like exploring my creativity through my body’s movement. What’s she saying now? Basically what I’m trying to say is that I like letting my body move, stretch, and bend based on my feelings and need at the moment. It is not limited to a set of arranged sequences and steps. Takes the fun out of it, if you ask me.

So whenever my practice starts to feel dull and monotonous. It’s time to switch things up. 

Rule Number 1: Your Practice should never be boring! It’s your practice, turn up the music and make it yours. On that note, let’s get to it.

1. Practice with Music 

You might already do this, but if you don’t, lemme loud it out for the persons in the back. Can you scooch a little, not sure they can hear me. I want you to move with the song, and let your feelings out with your body’s movement. The best form of therapy out there. I currently have different playlists depending on my mood when I get to my mat. There’s my A-list pop playlist, workout playlist, Heartbreak pop playlist…incase you’re thinking it, I’m not heartbroken. All created by Apple Music cause I’m just too lazy to actually make mine. For this act, you need wireless earbuds. Trust me, wired earbuds just won’t work. No entanglements needed here.

Considering how crucial it is to maintain the right form and activate the proper muscles. This is better for flows in which you’ve developed some muscle memory. 

2. Start with a Light cardio

Nothing serious, You can just dance! The Fitness Marshall on Youtube to the rescue. If you don’t like dancing…are you normal??

Fine, you can do something else that will break a sweat. Need some ideas? There’s also skipping, Jogging, dancing. Did I mention dancing…I’ll stop now, I believe you’ve heard enough.

If ever at the start of your practice for the day, your body feels difficult to move like a poorly oiled machinery. I recommend this, tested, and trusted by me. I almost guarantee more fluidity in your flow. Don’t take my word for it, I dare you to try it. However, you can switch this and do about 10 rounds of sun salutations! I’m kidding…5 then?

What if I’m not in the mood for all this jumping and hullabaloo? I just want a quiet slow flow. Understandably, I also have those days. You don’t have to do this every time, it’s more suited for days when you’ve got time.

3. Mobility Training.

I just love this. My practice almost feels incomplete without these.

We spend our day sitting on our butts most of the time staring at a desktop or using our phone. This means that our bodies are stuck in this one position and the muscles are tightening up. We lose the optimal range of motion in the muscles and joints.

Mobility involves exercises that help to increase your range-of-motion and your stabilization, or control of the muscles that surround each joint. It’s more than Flexibility, it’s both flexibility and strength.

All right, I get its important but how do I get the exercises? Did you ask that? I hope you did. Here’s the amazing thing, these exercises are all over the internet but if you’re like me and prefer to follow along with a video. There ain’t no motivation if it’s just me and some pictures, I will lie there and savasana to sleep. 

If this is so you, your babe (by babe, I mean me) got you. Look up Saturnomovement on Youtube. Don’t stress, I’ll link it. Get ready to be good sore the next day, don’t say you weren’t informed. Is there anything like “good sore”? YES! I beg to differ. I’m currently sore right now from my last lower body workout but it feels good or maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment. We’d never know.

4. Drills and Skills

If you’re like me and you’re filled to the brim with energy. Not every day though, I’ve got my lazy days. Then, you might want to explore these in your practice. Drills, Skills? what exactly do you mean? 

Handstand drills, compression drills…the list is one too many. Drills are like the transition from not knowing how to do the skill to knowing how. Take, for example, handstand. Handstands require drills to build muscle memory, strength, and balance for it. I feel that drills aim to build a sense of comfort around the little things before moving on to the bigger ones.

As for skills, they include Forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, back and front walkovers. It might sound familiar if you have a background in gymnastics as these skills are Tumbling basics. But, if once again, you’re like me with no background in gymnastics. This is a chance to learn or try something new.

Warning! Skills require a lot of safe practice. Don’t try new things too fast, one step at a time. However, they aren’t impossible. It may feel like that at the beginning but push through.

5. Video Yourself

You don’t have to post it on any social platform. I’m certainly not asking you to do that. It can be for your eyes only *wink*. Here’s why I think you should. It helps you keep track of your progress. I recently posted a video of my before and after, a month apart of learning how to do tuck jumps ( It’s a drill towards handstand). I included it here for you to see. Can you spot the difference?

Forgive the extra long caption.

I had completely forgotten how bad my form, alignment…everything was until I was going through my videos. Knowing myself, I would never have acknowledged my accomplishment or given myself a little pat on the back, if not for the reminder of how far I’ve come. 

It also helps you note errors and bad form. It’s easy to believe that your form is correct whilst still in the pose but this might be the complete opposite. How can you be sure? Review the video you made and look out for these bad form, that’s if you listen to me and video. We all know that if a bad form isn’t quickly corrected, the body forms a muscle memory of it. If you didn’t know that, now you know.

I hope you found some of these tips helpful. Leave a comment below which tip you found most helpful or you are definitely going to try.

It’s a wrap! One love from this yogi, helping you become the best version of yourself. 

Yogi, out!

A dollar for every time I typed “If you’re like me”

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