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Romance Book List

Since this Virus-ridden 2020, I have gathered an unhealthy amount of romance books. The really good ones, the bad ones, and the terrible bunch. Trust me. There were terrible ones, but I still finished the book (I know, I’ve got a problem).

I compiled this list for all my romance lovers who like me, find it hard to find a compelling romance book. It’s surprisingly way easier to find books with a plot that makes you snooze faster than when your head hits the pillow. Gawd! There are so many crappy books out there. I could hurl my eyes out.

Thank the heavens for authors like Colleen Hoover, Kristen Ashley, Jay Crownover for rescuing my poor mind. Look out for them on the list (not much searching to do, they’re all over this list).

Let’s get right to it!


Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover

I didn’t even realize I was at the end of the book until I was reading the Epilogue. Thinking about it, I finished the book in one sitting. I was gobbling up the whole story, and I loved the humor of the characters particularly (who doesn’t love a guy with a sense of humor).


It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

This book was just too good! When I’d finished the book, my first thought was “Some authors are gifted, and she’s one of them”. I got a book hangover (that feeling where you just can’t read anything else for a while). The storyline was centered around Physical abuse in relationships. The first time I’ve felt close enough to understand the mental and emotional turmoil a victim goes through.


Girl In Luv/Boy in Luv By Jay Crownover

Ahhhh!! This book left me a blushing mess. I felt like stepping into the book, booting out the female lead character and taking her place.
If she’s saying no, I’ll help her out with the words. Y.E.S (Calm down woman)


You deserve each other by Sarah Hogle

For this book, I wasn’t hooked on the first chapter (I liked to get hooked from the first chapter). It remained on my reading shelf. I got bored. So I started the book again. Mid-way, I was like “What was I thinking? This is Interesting”. So don’t be like me, read the damn book.


Moonlight and motor oil series Kristen Ashley

Any die-hard Kristen Ashley fan in the house? Leave a comment!
This was a two-part series about two sisters falling in love. With different persons of course (Lol, imagine it was the same person, family feud drama loading). I love series like this cause I get to peek into the different love stories whilst reading. Hmmm…this description might make it sound boring. I promise its good. The second book was Badass. Leaving a husband that was treating her and her son like shit to working really hard to put food on the table. Who has time for boy drama? (I know I do).


Rock chick series by Kristen Ashley

If you haven’t read any book in this series, what have you been reading??
How can I possibly summarize 7 Books here? Three words. Entertaining. Gripping. Drama. Like how does so much drama happen to a group of girls? They are magnets for it, I swear (when new trouble comes up, I’m like “kill me now”). From shootouts to bomb raids to kidnappings – name it, it’s all there.


Quiet Man by Kristen Ashley

From the Dream man novella. I’m just patiently waiting for the next book in this series to drop. Wait, let me check if it has – nope, 15th December. I like this particular series cause it’s about the Pole Dancers at Smithie’s club.
Next in the book series is Dream Maker, this one is already out! (So add that to your list also. Don’t make me tell you twice).


The unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

I feel like everyone may have read this cause it was trending at the beginning of 2020. This also happened to be my first attempt of listening to an audiobook. Pretty Exciting! I’m not going to lie to you, it was cliche but the good kind (I wonder if there’s such a thing as a good cliche).

More romance books that are good but I read them to far early in the year to provide an accurate description. But, you have to trust me on this. I won’t add a boring book to the list. My taste is as refined as Red wine, Top-notch only.

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