The Girl with the Louding voice | Review

The GIrl with the Louding Voice was an amazing read. This is more like an in-depth look at the book, my opinions at each period. So, there will be spoilers.

I would suggest reading Girl with the Louding Voice first and then come back to this or you can read it and still decide to read the book on your own too.

Adunni (I’m in love with this name). I’m not Yoruba but I can see my first daughter bearing this name. She is my all-time favorite character throughout this book. She’s just comical and for someone so young, she was authentic😂

“Now I know that speaking good English is not the measure of an intelligent mind and a sharp mind. English is only a language, like Yoruba and Igbo and Hausa. Nothing about it is so special, nothing about it makes anybody have sense.”

This book isn’t the first place I’m seeing that when the mother dies, the father doesn’t bother to put the children through school anymore. It’s the mother that usually understands the value of education. Her mother said, 

“Your schooling is your voice, child. It will be speaking for you even if you didn’t open your mouth to talk. It will be speaking till the day God is calling you come.”

Despite the mother’s dying wish that he should not marry off Adunni or make her stop schooling. 

She was married off as a 15year old to a man her Papa’s age. Then, expected to get pregnant within 9months also hated by the First wife for entering her husband’s house. 

Imagine having a schedule for who gets to lie with Mofufu. As if anyone wants to lie with him 🙄

I particularly savored this moment between Kike, the first wife’s eldest daughter, and Adunni about their dreams of education and getting more from life. Kike said,

“See? I tell you, Adunni, even if you marry my father and you think all your hope is finish, your mind is not finishing. Inside of your mind, you can be the teacher you want.”

Why should it be only the men that deserve an education? Women have dreams, not all of us are Enitan. 

Today, I see that it’s something to be grateful for that I have access to education. 

All the while I’m reading the book hearing Mofufu voice screaming that his 1st and 2nd wife weren’t able to give him a boy child. I felt like screaming it’s your fault, you’re the one to blame.

Just because she’s carrying the child doesn’t mean she determines the sex.

This is what illiteracy can do to someone. 

Because simple basic education will tell you that the man carries the sex-determining factor. Asides Education, Basic reasoning! Your first wife…girl child, your second wife…3 girls. And you still think that getting a new wife solves the problem. 🤨

I got so angry at Bamidele, what kind of first love is he?. Khadijah is dead. All I’m thinking is Maternal Mortality – The death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy, irrespective of the duration & site of the pregnancy, from any cause related to or aggravated by the pregnancy or its management, but not from accidental or incidental causes. 

Her death was preventable, avoidable and unnecessary. Poor Adunni…who would believe her when she says she didn’t kill Khadijah. She ran for her life. Honestly, it was about time, me I felt she should have escaped a long time ago before all these shenanigans 🙄

Adunni’s mother could not marry her first love because she was not educated. Khadijah couldn’t marry hers cause he wasn’t rich enough to pay her bride price. Is anyone seeing a pattern with me?

So I’m at the part where Kola, Iya’s brother was asked to help Adunni escape. I’m worried for Adunni, isn’t this how sex work starts😓

Let’s carry on

The description of Lagos is just too accurate.

“The okadas on the road in Lagos is too plenty. Left, right, here, there is just the motorcycle-taxi everywhere, and they are entering in front of cars with no fear,”

This has changed tho…since the recent ban on Okadas and Keke(Tricycles)

Y’all I finally learned the actual word for when you price an item for a lower price- Haggling. 

Adunni is a smart girl and it gives me hope for her because I know she’ll find a way out of her circumstances. Sometimes, there’s a greater force working for you than you think. How else would she have just met Ms. Tia or Kofi? 

I’m amazed by Adunni, her zeal for education is unheard of 

“I always fight for myself, always keeping my head up because I know I am in school to be learning. Learning is not having age. Anybody can learn, and so I keep to my learning,”

In-laws…their matter plenty. How will you be coming to my house every month for six months just to ask if I’m pregnant? Don’t you have work?

The audacity of some people to be asking me when do I intend to have children? Is my marriage your business.? Unless you’re my family doctor or a close friend, kindly respect my choices. 

People need to understand that their words have a lot of weight. What makes you think she wasn’t trying? What makes you think that it’s not the only thing on her mind? After she has managed to distract herself. You can’t even begin to imagine what the mother-in-law did to Tia? What her husband put her through? 

Just because the woman carries the baby, doesn’t outright mean that she’s the reason for infertility. It takes two to make a baby!

I love books like this because they remind me that Nigeria was once great and can be great again. That we were a country filled with discoveries before greed and corruption took root. Adunni made me realize a lot of things that happen in our culture. Maybe I always knew these things happen but I’ve come to normalize it but it’s not normal, it’s simply not. 

I don’t want to say any more than I have (and I know I’ve said a lot) because I want to give you a reason to read this book.

Reading The Girl with the Louding voice was a journey worthwhile. 

5 stars because Adunni deserves nothing less. 


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