The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides – Review


“Yes. Alicia dies, or you die. Your choice, Gabriel. Let’s find out how much you love her. Would you die for her? You have ten seconds to decide.… Ten … nine—”

I’ll start from the beginning, a compelling murder and the only witness remains silent or so we thought. After the Gruesome murder, Alicia is found standing over his body silent unwilling to speak.

The question is “Why does she not speak?

The story is told by a Psychotherapist who believes he can make Alicia talk.

I loved Alicia’s character as I found Gabriel a bit too sketchy. Alicia painted him as a saint not capable of being wrong. He was too good to be true and he also didn’t believe her when she most needed him to.

Note Alicia was still silent. We could only get a sense of who she was by the diary she kept before the murder….Alicia Berenson’s diary. 

I never understood how much effect a person’s childhood can have on a person till I read this book. A lot of feelings; fear, rage, anger can stay suppressed only for a while before they begin to show subconsciously or consciously…now I feel like a psychotherapist.

I liked the book especially the whole psychological process of getting her to open up.  

Alcestis, my first time learning about this mythology involving her. At first I thought she died for her husband willingly as a sacrifice but when she come back to life and remains silent. I assume she expected a different outcome or she thought her husband loved her enough not to let her sacrifice herself.

Alicia must have felt this way as she took upon this character following the death of Gabriel.

The end was twisted but as I got closer to it, I had a sense of what was coming. I’m trying not to say too much so I don’t give the whole book away 😂

I’d recommend this read to anyone that loves thrillers.  It’s worth your time.

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